Monday, March 19, 2007

The Fort Bend County Democratic Party Endorses a Non-Partisan Candidate?

I really like how the Fort Bend ISD Trustee races are filling out nicely with candidates to challenge Trustees Bryant and Rikert. If last year’s school board elections are an indication, it is highly probable that these two board members will be replaced this coming May 12th, and a long sad chapter in the district history will come to a conclusion.

But the most recent announcement in FortBendNow, which includes lots and lots of information that voters can use to weigh their options, has one curious bit of information that is tacked on right at the end.

Apparently, Ann Hopkins, a former educator in FBISD and current administrator in the same district, has been endorsed for this non-partisan office by the Fort Bend County Democratic Party.

This is a new one for me. I wasn’t aware that the Democratic Party could endorse a candidate in a non-partisan race.

And there’s something else.

I’ve asked around, and no one recalls a vote on this.

So I am a little confused here, but in confusion I see opportunity. I’ve been thinking about this for about 45 minutes now, and am convinced that I am on to something here.

I would like this blog, Half Empty, to be endorsed as the official “blogsite” of the Fort Bend County Democratic Party. It makes huge sense to me. I am a Democrat. I author a blog in Fort Bend County. I think it’s a good blog. Maybe it goes on rants from time to time but that can only be chalked up to frustration.

So OK, here goes. All in favor of endorsing Half Empty as the official blogsite of the Fort Bend County Democratic Party signify by saying “Aye”.




The Ayes have it, motion is passed.


Susan said...

Damn, I'm jealous.

I lose all these damn things.

Can I be the official non-blog of Hal's blog?

Just asking. I gotta be something.

Hal said...

Ya gotta be quick, Susan. Seize those opportunities.

Why shoot so low? Since Half Empty is now the endorsed blogsite of the Fort Bend County Democratic Party, why not move to have your Non-Blog the endorsed Not-A-Blog of the Party?

I'll bet you get the votes. After all, you only need one in this new way of doing things.

muse said...

Congratulations, Hal on your endorsement!

Since I was at the Party meeting, my feeling is that anyone who gets positive feedback from meeting attendees gets to declare themselves endorsed.

If this is a non-partisan blog race, then I also am an endorsed blog! Because I said so.

Farhan Shamsi said...

Whether or not Ms. Hopkins was endorsed by the Democratic Party, I'm glad to hear she's a Democrat and running for School Board in FBISD.

Here in Bubbatown ISD, I'm mean Katy ISD, very few have the guts to call themselves Democrats. I mean for this year's elections we have a incumbant female who is as clueless as a cheerleader mom, and a incumbant male who has been on the board so long he thinks he wrote the Bible. Besides, Katy Republicans think that racial diversity is holding pig races at a Mosque.

Marsha Rovai said...

Hal, who said Ms. Hopkins is a Democrat? I found out she hardly ever votes in any election. I think the last one was over a year ago. Doesn't sound like one of US.
Sneaking in a non-endorsement like that sounds like a Republican. Yes I did complain at the meeting and Ms Bishop said she would call Ms. Hopkins today.
Ms. Rovai

Van said...

If you get to be the official blogger, I get to be the official whiner. And that's because I said so. So there, Ptth!

Van said...

Marsha, I nominate you as the official Goddess of the FB Party.