Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Running Against Cornyn in '08: The DCCC Has Someone Else in Mind

Bob Dunn over at FortBendNow has an Op/Ed piece out today that raised my antennae a little.

He brought up Richard Morrison’s website that urges Texas State Rep. Rick Noriega to run for US Senate in 2008. I mentioned all of this in a previous posting that detailed an individual’s one-sided effort to precipitately put Rick Noriega’s name out on the blogwires as one who is considering a run at the Senate. An effort that can only be described as headline whoring. Nevertheless this caused the grassroots elements in the Democratic Party to react far in advance of when this should actually happen, and the Draft Noriega website went live in mid March.

Dunn runs excerpts of Richard Morrison’s statement on the blog. And then he writes this:

“…the draft movement apparently isn’t going over too well at all with some Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee insiders. It seems they have a more prominent candidate – with a Fort Bend connection – they’re backing to run against Cornyn”.

The D-trip-C?

They have someone in mind that they want to be my senator?

I met some of these people in the ’06 election. They may have money, but I never could figure out whether they knew what they were doing.

So the question begs. Who is it that Dunn has heard about but isn’t saying? Who does the DCCC have in mind?

Hint number one: A more prominent name than Rick Noriega.
Hint number two: A name with Fort Bend County connection.

Hmm, hmm, hmm, who could it be?


I think the final piece fell into place when I realized that it is the DCCC we are talking about, and not the DSCC. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for the DSCC to be running the discussion?

So maybe the DCCC has figured out an ’08 retention strategy.

It involves bailing out.

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