Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rats Jump Ship. DeLay Says “Trust Me”

Everyone loves a winner and no one tolerates a loser. That’s the way it appears to this pessimistic soul.

When Tom DeLay was a Congressman from Texas CD-22, the Majority Whip who became known as “The Hammer”, the Republican Party was riding a wave. They were on the top of the world. The “K Street Project” was in full swing as lobbying firms filled their employee rolls with neo-conservative Republicans – ex staffers and elected officials. Things were good and were going to stay good forever. Republicans had a handle on getting Republicans elected and staying in power. Lie, cheat, instill the basest of fears into the very hearts of every American: the terrorists are going to kill you. And if that fails, steal the election.

All of that came to a screaming halt on November 7th 2006, but it didn’t begin there, it began one shadowy midnight in January 2006 when a Fort Bend County Republican Party official got word, via phone from DC, that maybe Tom DeLay was going to take a pass on the election.

The rest is history, but now the rats are climbing all over themselves to scamper down the ropes to the safety of the conservative center, all the while exclaiming that they were never with him, that Tom DeLay represented the basest interests that were, in actuality, anti-conservative.

In actuality, they now claim, Tom DeLay was a screaming liberal.

I recall another story that was told about another One who was worshipped from near and far. People loved what He said and the message that He carried (they say, from His own Father). But when He was arrested, those who followed Him denied that they knew Him.


No Tom DeLay is no Jesus, he just thought he was.

So it is fitting that his support wanes as he is thrust upon the American Conservative Union. Yes, two board members quit when Tom DeLay was named a trustee.

What? Members of the ACU quitting under protest when Our Tom is appointed to that organizations board of trustees?

We get statements like “It is one thing to call yourself a conservative, but you have to act on it”

News flash: Tom DeLay is a Republican in Name Only.

Said another quitter: “Conservatives looked to Tom DeLay to cut government not grow it. He was complicit in the largest expansion of government in recent times”.

Well, no, actually that one goes to Bush-43. Tom just got the Scotland golf trips.

What I really like about this new partnership is that DeLay apparently bought himself a seat on the ACU by promising that he’d bring in $1 M in grassroots contributions. Read the last line of the Chron article. Looks like the smiles are still on the faces, but suspicious sidelong glances are being cast about.

You want to trust Tom DeLay with a million bucks of campaign contributions? Look what he did with the DeLay Dollars he accrued between January and June of 2006.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The photo was of Tom getting spanked by Uncle Sam was from this website. A friend exactly described it to me as one that was being towed around Fort Bend County in 2004. When I saw it on Google images I knew it must be the one she was talking about. Sorry about not providing the link.

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Yo Hal!
I don't mind you grabbing the image of the DeLay-Mobile from my website, but, it would be nice to get an acknowlegement or better yet, a link to How 'bout it?


Marsha Rovai said...

That is my beloved Spanky that I had for about 9 nine months here in Fort Bend. I never had so much fun as when friends and I would go driving around the county playing patriotic music full blast on the speakers. We got a few one finger waves but hundreds of thumbs up, clapping (with both hands) and honking of horns. I mean blast by truckers horns, college kids would stopping us and to get a True Majority pen souvenir and people chasing us down the street to take Sam's picture spanking Delay. I was even chased by a full sized fire truck so they could take a picture on their cell phone. Thanks to the Vermont based True Majority's loan of Spanky it was a winner.