Monday, November 17, 2008

Chris Bell Opens a Fort Bend County Campaign Office

Keeping a high profile as we zero in on a yet undesignated special election runoff date, Chris Bell has opened a campaign office in a strip mall in Stafford, Texas this week. I was just there myself this afternoon delivering yard signs that formerly bedecked the walls of the Fort Bend Democrats Rosenberg headquarters.

It’s a classic campaign HQ. Bare walls, folding tables and chairs, computers in various states of set up.

If you want to go down there to volunteer on their phone bank, here is the address.

869 Dulles Avenue, Suite E
Stafford, TX 77477

Here’s a map.

Here’s what the strip mall looks like from Dulles Ave as you are passing it and completely missing the single driveway entrance.

When you do get into the parking lot, keep going toward the back, past the coffee shop and look for the glass door with the Chris Bell campaign sign on it.

Better still, why not go down this Saturday for the Grand Opening? The event begins at 1 PM Saturday November 22nd, and goes until 3 PM. They tell me that they are getting several elected officials in the area to come and show their support, including Commissioner-Elect Richard Morrison and State Rep. Dora Olivo. Former congressman Chris Bell will be there to whip up the crowd.

And the word is, they even want to feed you.

If you have questions, call the headquarters at (281) 208-1990, or email Garrett Graham at

While we are on the topic, what is your pick for the day that Governor Perry will proclaim the special election runoff? There is no guarantee that it will occur this year. Last time there was a special election runoff it occurred on January 16, 2007, several days after the 80th Legislature convened.

If past performance is any measure, Governor Perry will select an election date that will guarantee a low voter turnout. This is the ultimate in voter suppression tools, but it has served Republicans well in the past.

Example, in 2006 Perry called for a special election to fill the vacant seat resulting from the death of Glenda Dawson. That election was called for on December 19th.

Six days before Christmas.

As a result, the one Democrat who was running in the four-candidate field, Anthony DiNovo, got just 22.4% of the vote in a district that usually draws 40% of the vote for the Democratic candidate.

So how about December 23rd?

It would not surprise me.

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