Friday, November 14, 2008

Time to Rename the Blog “Half Full”? Probably Not.

I was thinking the other day about something a reader left in the comments section of my posting of photographs taken on Election Night.

“Will we have to start calling you 'Half Full' now?”

Frankly, things went so well at the top of the ticket that I started wondering that myself. Are things going to get better? Are we Americans finally turning the corner to becoming a more just and decent people?

These are the main reasons I hold to my pessimism so fiercely. I have very little regard for the ability of Americans, my fellow citizens, to do the right thing. To do the fair and just thing. To do that when it is actually harder to do the wrong thing or the unfair thing.

So has this election finally driven it home to me that I can finally cast away my pervasive pessimism? I was leaning in that direction until today.

Then I read this.

It seems that Nebraska legislators passed a humanitarian law that provides a safe haven to those who have infants but don’t want to keep them. Rather than finding infants in dumpsters or toilets, these lawmakers thought it would be better to provide as safe havens, the state’s hospitals, where unwanted infants could be dropped off without any fear of being prosecuted.

Geez, what a great law. What a fine show of humanitarian spirit by the Nebraska state legislature.

And how do people respond? Well it says nothing in the Nebraska law about what the age of the child is to be, no upper limit, so my fellow Americans, parents have been dropping off their children at these hospitals, children ranging in age from 5 years to 17 years.

And not one infant has been dropped off at a hospital, as the law intended.

Parents are using this humanitarian Nebraska law to abandon their own children with no consequences or criminal prosecution.

Doesn’t that just take the cake? A really good law gets subverted by people who want to abandon their own children, a heinous act that I have come to regard as lower than the lowest.

So what does the Nebraska legislature have to do? They have to change the law. They have to include language that specifies an age limit.

In doing so, and announcing it will happen, the state hospitals have been hit with a flurry of abandoned children as the legislature works to close the loophole. People have come from far and wide into Nebraska to abandon their kids

That’s it, fellow Americans. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Abandon your kids in Nebraska while the getting is good. No mess, no fuss, no consequences.

No consciences.

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