Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Special Election Early Vote and Election Day Polling Locations Still Not Announced

By my count, it is now less than two weeks before early voting begins in the Senate District 17 runoff special election between Chris Bell and that Republican judge.

Less than two weeks.

Phone banking and block walking has already begun in the Bell campaign, but without the critical information on the early voting and Election Day voting locations these calls and door-to-door visits are less valuable in terms of getting the information out to the voter. Here is what I could do today if I chose to make some calls.
"Hello, my name is Hal and I am calling to remind you that early voting in the State Senate special election for Senate District 17 begins on December 8th and runs through until Friday, December 12th. Election Day is December 16th. Please cast your vote for Chris Bell who is the Democrat running in this race. "

"Sorry ma’am, I don’t know where you go to vote. No, I don’t know whether it is where you usually vote. The county hasn’t published the list of voting locations yet. No, we don’t know when they will. Ma’am? Ma’am? Hello?"
Do you suppose that the County Elections office is aware that this omission is harmful to a campaign? Here is their webpage that is supposed to list the December 16 polling locations. As of 5:57 PM CDT the page is blank. So is the list of December 8 to 12 early voting locations.

This is why we need to elect more Democrats to county offices. With Richard Morrison as the Commissioner-Elect we are on our way, but we have a long way to go before we can stop Republicans from taking advantage of incidents such as this with their colossal stranglehold on Fort Bend County.

Honestly, I’ve seen more government transparency in a banana republic.

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