Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sore Losers: Obama Won, Get Over It

My but the fanatic right wing fringe are sore losers, aren’t they? They have been caught saying and doing all sorts of idiotic things the past few days in an effort to out shout the millions of voters who last week massed at the polls and turned out Republicans at all levels of government, including right up there at the top.

So it’s kind of fun to see these people who have commanded such large audiences now make themselves irrelevant.

Want examples?

Here is Rush Limbaugh who has somehow in his odd leaps of logic, concluded that Barack Obama is right at the bottom of our economic crisis.

“This is an Obama recession, might turn into a depression. He hasn't done anything yet, but his ideas are killing the economy."
Someone needs to reacquaint the Rushter to former Texas Senator Phil Gramm, who almost single-handedly delivered a thriving economy to a toxic dump.Or how about shemale pundit Ann Coulter, who recently suggested that Obama’s government will bring back Janet Reno.

“Sounds like there's going to be a lot more Waco raids, Elian Gonzalez snatchings.”
Or Sean Hannity, who predicts that Obama will be making mistakes in his term, and wondered why they should wait until the mistakes are made before everyone should start criticizing him.
“Do we wait until he makes a mistake?”
I guess it is an extension of the Bush Doctrine. Why wait until Barack makes a mistake? Why wait until Iran has a nuclear missile? Attack now!

But we don’t have to confine ourselves to right wing fanatics. Why, wasn’t it just the other day we heard struggling star Lindsey Lohan sing the praises of Barack Obama? That he is “our first colored president”? Now if she were a person of my age, I might be able to understand this comment as one that comes from residual racism which infects my generation. But Lindsey Lohan was born AFTER that phrase lost its sparkle with polite southerners who shunned the “N” word.

Or what about the Arlington, Texas high school history teacher, Patrick O’Toole? Here is a public servant who flies an American flag outside of his house every day, upside down beneath a solid black flag.

“It is not about race and don't ever throw the race card at me," he said. "It's about values. It's about people that work hard and want to keep what they own.”
Now let me let all of you non-white people out there who read this in on a little secret. Whenever we white people say “It’s not about race…” it really is all about race. It’s one of our code words.

And finally, the silliest of all. Barack Obama will be the next Adolf Hitler. This in a comment by Georgia congressman Paul Broun who accused Obama of planning to build a well-funded civilian military organization (read, Gestapo).

Defending himself, Broun now says this:

“I never called Mr. Obama a communist, nor did I accuse him of being Hitler, but I do not apologize for stating the obvious: his socialist views are out of the mainstream of American political thought, and history shows that 'civilian national security forces' bode ill for citizens.”
So I guess if there was any doubt whether or not Broun compared Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, those doubts have been well laid to rest, haven’t they?

Yes he did!


Clark Bowers said...

Rush calling this the Obama Recession might not be that far off.

Over the last 6 days we have taken a huge total drop. Biggest in history following an election. Yeah this is an historic moment alright.

The market acted inversely to Obama's poll numbers since July. Now that he got elected it has continued to drop like a rock. You can't deny that.

(-318.78 at 12:23 am EST.) 10% total loss of the Market since election day.

Average investors commented that they don't want increased capital gains taxation or small business taxation in general. I am one of them. It's ludicrous for you to say that a guy who wants to tax small businesses and business in general, get elected, and then that has nothing to do with the recent economy drop.

Just like Kelsey Grammer and other huge investors pulled out in July, so did I. I have a good friend that's a broker that got fired yesterday in Chicago. Thanks Obama, that's real hope. He's headed out of that Blue state and headed to Texas. Funny how people are moving to a conservative govern state that is the only bright star in this economy.

So if you are saying we shouldn't blame Obama, then who should we blame Congress? Wait a second! Who's in control of Congress?? Oh that's right the Dems. They Chair both the banking committee and wait every committee now that I think about it. Heck, even until yesterday Obama was still part of the Democratic Congress. I am sure glad that since the party the Controlled Congress and brought it to an 8% approval rating brought even further leadership forward in the White House.

So you got what you voted for. Just a great entertainer that happened to have a "D" next to his name on the ballot, nothing more.....

Hal said...

Clark -

You haven't been paying attention have you?

"So if you are saying we shouldn't blame Obama, then who should we blame Congress?"

Stop answering your own questions, Clark. The answer isn't congress, the answer is Phil Gramm. Take a look around. Who is at the bottom of every deregulation bill that passed since 1998? Phil Gramm. He got the banks that he now works for everything that they wanted, including permission to loan money to people who had no means to pay it back. You do that for 10 years and something has got to give.

Obama and others started sounding the alarm two years ago but even then it was probably too late.

So now that you are out, Clark, why not go back in and scoop up GM for a dollar a share? Do your patriotic duty.

Clark Bowers said...

Too afraid to post the truth?

Hal said...

Mr. Bowers,

You are not allowed any name calling on my blog, and frankly I disdain any attempts to disguise oneself as something one isn't. If you keep it serious, stop calling me names, and stop this sham about being an "Independent voter", then I will consider posting your comments.

- Hal

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I guess momentum is already building...

Obama Won Get Over It