Friday, November 21, 2008

A Night With the Fort Bend Democrats

At their irregular monthly meeting, the Fort Bend Democrats again celebrated the election of Barack Obama and Joe Biden as our new President- and Vice President-Elect.

They had lots of Obama memorabilia on sale with lots of buyers.

There was a good sized crowd that attended.

Don Bankston gave them the low down on what transpired on Election Night. The short version: we're not there yet. But with the latest results, we are closer to a Democratic majority in decades. One interesting statistic is that it was predicted that we would win the majority of votes if 70% of Democrats in the county came out and voted. Well, 67% of them did and we were barely edged out.

Then Geri announced plans for an Inauguration Ball that will take place locally at the Sugar Creek Country Club. We had two options, to hold it on Inauguration Eve or Inauguration Night and the vast majority of hands went up for Inauguration Night.

That settled, Albert Hollan was asked to say a few words as a recent candidate for District Judge. Albert got it right when he said we won the one that we had to win, the one at the top of the ticket.

The Fort Bend Democrats had not one but two National Convention delegates in their number. These two then got up and described their convention experiences.

All of that was a look to the past.

Looking toward the immediate future we had a campaign worker from Chris Bell's SD 17 state senatorial campaign speak to us on the importance of volunteering to help get out the vote in the upcoming SD 17 special election runoff.

And you know? I can't think of a better way to end this short report than to quote a man I think we all know and respect, Senator Ted Kennedy.

The work begins anew. The hope rises again. And the dream lives on.


Anonymous said...

Ted Kennedy, a man we ALL know and support.

Please define "all"?

Hal said...

All means all of us cool people. Obviously it doesn't include y'all.