Friday, December 19, 2008

Al Franken Pulls Ahead in Minnesota Recount

Is it possible? Will we get to 59 Democratic senators?

For the first time in the Minnesota senatorial race, Al Franken, the former comedian and Air America radio personality, is ahead in the Minnesota recount.

Ahead by over 400 votes.

Both Franken and his opponent, incumbent Norm Coleman, are challenging ballots that were not counted on election night. And an interesting thing is occurring. When they started counting these ballots from areas of Minnesota that went heavily for Coleman in the original count, they found that the vast majority of the uncounted ballots were for Al Franken.

Isn’t that a big surprise?

No, I wasn’t surprised either.

Apparently when you run things your way in your area, when you hold all the cards and hire and fire government workers, like elections officers, you have the power to pull legally cast ballots if they don’t vote your way.

Here’s what I wonder. I wonder if you can do a statistical analysis on the withheld ballots and come up with the probability that there was a deliberate attempt to suppress Democratic voters by voiding their ballots. And whether that probability, if high enough, is enough to bring these scum to federal court and try them for election fraud.

If he wins, Franken probably won’t care one way or the other about looking for these perpetrators. After all, what’s in it for him, Al Franken.

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