Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pharmaceutical Firm Takes Aim at Mascara Market

In papers recently filed with the Food and Drug Administration, it seems that Irvine, California-based pharmaceutical company Allergan has set its sights on claiming a portion of the burgeoning mascara industry’s $3.7 Billion per year bonanza.

Allergan, which produces such wonder drugs as Botox, a derivative of the fatal botulin toxin, and Lumigen, a wonder drug that reduces the hypertension in eyes, commonly called glaucoma now wants to extend its grasp on the cosmetics market by offering a new product that they will call Latisse.

Latisse, they say, makes human eyelashes grow longer and fuller. You know, like how mascara works to produce the same outward effect, but without growing anything.

Latisse is the same product as Lumigan. They noticed that glaucoma patients who take Lumigan acquired beautiful eye-catching eyelashes.

And they reasoned, if they could make so much cash from patients having a neurotoxin injected into their faces, erasing years of wrinkles, why not capture a part of the mascara market by making it possible for patients to grow what they used to paint on?

The future, it seems, is bright in the mushrooming mascara industry. Especially since now males may consume the drug as well as females, and never again be accused of using mascara.

In other news, a bomb in the Iraqi city of Mosul ripped through a primary school on Wednesday, killing 4 children and injuring 12 others. In addition, a car bomb was exploded at a check point in the Iraqi province of Nineveh, killing 7 and injuring 39.

Meanwhile a Federal Reserve report just released compares the present recession to those of the past, indicating that the current 12-month long recession exceeds the length of all but two recessions that took place since World War II.

Lumigan, anyone?

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