Sunday, December 07, 2008

Special Election Early Voting Begins Tomorrow

My guess is if you are reading this blog and have not stumbled over this site by Googling “Giving Head” or “Class C Misdemeanor” (my two most common Google hits) you well-know that the early vote for the special election runoff to get a 13th Democratic state senator to Austin begins tomorrow, and Chris Bell could sorely use your vote.

This election has been engineered to be a low turnout election. Early voting hours on Monday through Wednesday are 8 AM to 5 PM, eliminating everyone in SD 17 who still has a job and has to be at work during those times. No weekend early voting days have been scheduled. And Election Day is December 16th. Nine days before Christmas.

However today the Houston Chronicle gave the Chris Bell campaign a big lift. They endorsed this Democratic candidate over his Republican opponent. Again.

“With the 81st legislative session looming next month in a weakening economic climate, residents of District 17 need an experienced public servant with a firm grasp of spending priorities. With his commitment to bolstering public education, reining in college tuition increases, and controlling skyrocketing insurance premiums, the Chronicle believes that Chris Bell is the best candidate to represent the diverse district in the Texas Senate.”
There may be those out there that don’t know if they live in Senate District 17. The answer to that is simple. Just think back to the General Election. You live in SD 17 if the first thing you saw on your ballot was the SD 17 Special Election with a field of 6 candidates running. If you don’t recall, then there is another way. Go to this Texas Secretary of State website and fill in your home address in the boxes and click the “submit” button. You will get a list of all of your government representatives, from US Senator to School Board member.

But then again, my 6 readers are fairly well-informed and know what to do. The thing to do then is to make sure that others know to go out and vote. It will come down to just a few hundred votes to decide the victor, I think, if the turnout is as low as the Republicans who have fixed the election times and dates hope. It is critical to get Democratic voters back to the polls. So plan to help out this week. Help Chris Bell get to Austin. Help to remind Democrats that there is one more election this year. One more victory to be had.

And the campaign has made it very easy for you to help. You don’t even have to go to a campaign headquarters. You can call from your own home via their “Virtual Phone Bank.” Click here to sign up.

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