Thursday, December 04, 2008

Chris Bell: One More Vote for Reform

Have you seen what our choices are in the SD 17 special runoff election? Well, if you haven’t yet, it’s in a new You Tube video on Chris Bell and education reform.

Chris Bell’s Republican opponent is clueless on education issues.


A Republican judge may be great at throwing the book at accused felons, but you really have to question whether that is a really good background when the issue is improving the quality of education in Texas. When I briefly discussed with him the looming issues in science education a couple of weeks ago, Bell demonstrated to me a depth of knowledge and an appreciation for what will lie ahead for Texas public schools.

The Republican opponent has gone on record as saying that Texas is “very generous in our funding of public education.” No, not really. If you want to know which state is “very generous” toward public education, you need look no further than the state of New York. At $14,119 spent per student per year, New York is very generous. Not Texas, which spends $7,267 per student per year, or roughly half of what would be considered “very generous.”

The video speaks for itself. A vote for Chris Bell is a vote for education reform in Texas.

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