Friday, September 11, 2009

The Con$equence$ of $houting “You Lie”

Well gosh darn it, the rightwing lunatic fringe have rewarded Congressman Joe Wilson (R – Racist Nutcase) to the tune of 200 large in campaign contributions as they sought to heap approval on him for his unprecedented heckling of the President of the United States in a joint session of congress two evenings ago.

They like what they heard. Wilson himself is unrepentant as he put a You Tube video out backpedaling his apology to the President for his lack of decorum in this very public event.

But on the other hand, someone who has yet to put two public words together in opposition to Joe Wilson’s very ill-tempered and uncivil remark, Rob Miller, his erstwhile opponent in 2008, has garnered over four times what Wilson has pulled in.

At this hour, Rob Miller, who will oppose Wilson in next year’s congressional election in

South Carolina, has received $824,818. Word is the goal is to hit a cool million, not an unrealistic objective given the times and the inches of column space that this story still gathers.

All we can hope is that Joe Wilson continues to milk this 15 minutes of fame for all it is worth.

Rob Miller can use the scratch.


Anonymous said...

I'm donating 20 bucks to Joe's Democratic opposition right this minute!!! No Lie!!!

Hal said...

Good job Anon.

Now get 4 more of your friends to match my C note to Miller. I will do the same 5 fold.

Anonymous said...

I have not contributed yet, but I plan to.

Addison Graves Wilson, Sr., aka, Joe Wilson's crude outburst is about unabashed racism. No way would this "good ole southern boy" have behaved so uncivilly crude and rude if the President had been White. Joe Wilson disrespected the President because he was Black and in the world of Joe Wilson, he felt quite comfortable that he could get away with disrespecting the "Black" President.

Joe Wilson is the same man that goes around to Black churches soliciting political support at election/re-election time. Additionally. Black Congressman James Clyburn said that: “Joe Wilson is always very confrontational.” Clyburn continues: “Wilson held an anti health care reform town hall meeting”, in my district, and just three blocks from my home. Wilson was not in his own district, he was in James Clyburn’s; so clearly the disrespect for Black folks comes naturally to Wilson.

Joe Wilson is also the same Joe Wilson who spoke ill against Essie Mae Washington-Williams, Strom Thurmond's half-Black daughter, in 2003 when she came forward and dropped the bombshell to let the world know who her father "really" was as well as to claim her birth right. Mrs. Washington-Williams is the oldest child of the late United States Senator Strom Thurmond- patriarch of South Carolina segregation’s politics; she was born illegitimately to Carrie Butler, a 16 year old house servant and Thurmond, then 22 and unmarried. Essie Mae did not reveal this longtime family secret until Thurmond’s death. It’s seems that t after Mr. Thurmond’s death Mrs. Washington-Williams' children began pressing her to ask the Thurmond’s to recognize her as his daughter so they might know their true lineage.

Joe Wilson stated, boldly, that this was a smear against Strom
Thurmond’s name and Essie Mae Washington-Williams should have remained silent. So, in Joe Wilson's mind, he feels that to let the world know that Strom Thurman in his 20’s fathered a child by a teenage Black mother was a smear on the Thurmond's name. Wilson also lamented that that it was unfair to debate rumors about his heroes, Thurmond and Jefferson.
"Sometimes these things just go on," Wilson said. "These are heroes of mine. I really hope these would be heroes to future generations of Americans. (The stories) are ... a way to diminish their contributions to our country's existence."—Joe Wilson
Wilson had to apologize later, after having attacked Strom Thurmond’s daughter, Essie Mae, when it was reveal that; indeed, Mrs. Washington-Williams spoke the truth about her heritage. Thurmond supported Mrs. Washington-Williams financially for decades. Even after Wilson was forced to apology, "I have the utmost respect for Essie Mae Washington-Williams and wish her and the Thurmond family all the best," he said.
Although, Wilson maintained that Mrs. Washington-Williams should not have gone public.

Joe Wilson’s actions and thinking, quite revealing, wouldn’t you say?

The Rev. Jesse Jackson in reference to Mr. Thurmond and Mrs. Washington-Williams:
The Rev. Jesse Jackson, a native of South Carolina, reflected: that he was struck by the similarities between Mr. Thurmond's situation and that of Jefferson, asserting that they reflected ''a deep and ugly Southern tradition'' of white men taking advantage of young black women in their employ.”
''The point that strikes me the most is that he lived 100 years and never acknowledged his daughter. He never let her eat at his table. He fought for laws that kept his daughter segregated and in an inferior position. He never fought to give her first-class status. Thomas Jefferson did pretty much the same. By day, they are bullies,'' Mr. Jackson said. ''By night, they manipulate race to their advantage.” ---The Rev. Jesse Jackson