Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pete Olson Heartily Agrees With Nancy Pelosi

I swear I thought it would never happen.

My congressman, Pete Olson (R – TX-22) has gone on public record as saying that he agrees with the House Majority Leader.

Well, it’s about darn time.

Having not voted, nor never will vote for this man, I find myself relieved, finally, that my representative in congress is in full agreement with Nancy Pelosi.

No, really, it’s here in FortBendNow:

“‘Last Thursday, the day after the President’s speech, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “…it was time to move on and discuss health care.” I could not agree more. We have important issues to debate and address in Congress’”

But wait now, is healthcare the thing that Pete Olson wants to sit down and discuss? Really? Or is it the issue that Pete Olson fervently hopes will produce a replay of the 1993-94 chain of events where President Clinton’s attempt to bring about healthcare reform died a slow painful death at the hands of a Republican minority along with their Democratic brothers-in-the-arms-of-the-insurance-lobby?

Because, really, how much has healthcare been argued on the House floor since the mildly bipartisan vote to repudiate the actions of Congressman Joe Wilson last week? How much?

How about nothing?

The only healthcare news to come out since Obama’s landmark (on so many levels) speech on healthcare reform last week is that Max Baucus’ “bipartisan healthcare reform bill” has been released to his committee with nary a single Republican co-sponsor.

In fact, what was the matter-at-hand that Pete Olson and his congress took up after the House resolution to wrap the knuckles of the Redneck Racist of South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District? Why only House Resolution 317 a bill that recognizes a region of the Midwest between Manhattan, Kansas and Columbia, Missouri as the “Kansas City Animal Health Corridor as the national center of the animal health industry.”

So, so much for setting aside these partisan remonstrations so that we can move on to the real burning issues of the day. Like Animal Health Corridors.

Oh, and how did my congressman, Pete Olson, vote on this bill, HR 317?

Why “No,” of course.

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