Saturday, February 12, 2011

Riddle Me Ree: Why Texas Republicans Are Getting So Looney

So this morning, on a Saturday no less, I set my alarm so I could attend a special meeting sponsored by the Sugar Land Democratic Club and the Tejano Democrats. A meeting on immigration issues, specifically bills that the state legislature will be addressing in the current session, and things that we should really be concerned with, as opposed to things that Republicans are concerned with.

I recently wrote about new immigration legislation in a blog posting that seriously questioned the sincerity with which an anti-immigrant bill was filed recently, a very anti-business bill that Republican donors would hate to see passed.

So being up on the subject, I thought I would see what State Rep Ron Reynolds and a leading Houston immigration lawyer, Gordon Quan, would have to say on this. I was not disappointed, and I learned a lot.

Ron Reynolds was on point today. He came armed to the teeth with all of the bills that have been filed, and at one point mentioned the state rep whose anti-immigrant bills I outlined in the aforementioned post, not mentioning her by name, but everyone knew that he was talking about Debbie Riddle (R – Tomball).

A real piece of work as you can see in the video I posted on You Tube.

I had forgotten all about “Anchor Babies,” and forgotten about the famous exchange on AC 360 last year. So here. Here is Ron Reynolds introducing the subject, and then a couple of excerpts from that infamous interview.

Other countries don't allow illegal aliens inside their borders? This is someone who writes laws and votes on them. Seriously.  

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Kenneth D. Franks said...

How could you forget about the anchor babies video? What about the one of her talking about voter I.D. while legislators are voting for each other?