Friday, February 04, 2011

Who’d Have Thought I’d Be the Subject in a Heavy Metal Album Review?

A couple of years ago I was browsing the religious book section at a local bookstore and happened across a leaflet that someone had inserted in a book about Jesus. I wrote about it here.

Now, as it turns out, the heavy metal group, Ana Kefr (Arabic for “I am Infidel”) that was responsible for placing the leaflet in that book - and quite a few others as it turns out - was reviewed in an online ezine called “Soundsphere” and guess who is mentioned right up at the top of the article?

This is definitely a first for me.

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Unknown said...

This is great. I was actually initially attracted to this band through reading your blog post, so you certainly had a hand in lending them publicity. They've managed to culture a sizable fan-base in the short time since you noticed that flyer, and they continue to pick up the pace.