Sunday, February 20, 2011

Texas Legislature Keeps on Fiddling

With a huge budget deficit looming on the horizon, a deficit that can mean an end to public education as we know it, do you know what our state representatives and state senators are doing these days?

Passing legislation to make women have a sonogram if they are considering having an abortion.

Passing legislation making it possible for students and professors at the state’s college campuses to carry concealed weapons.

Passing legislation to require every voter in the state to have a photo ID in order to exercise their right to vote. A requirement that will cost the state an estimated $3 million per year in money it doesn’t have.

In short, while Texas burns, the legislature is fiddling.

And really, it is small wonder. Voters, our neighbors, put these characters into office. And you do get what you vote for. Instead of going to Austin to solve what is very probably the most serious issue facing the state in years, they are going to Austin to work on high profile feel good issues that are near and dear to the hearts of their constituents.

I find it ironic that future college and university students will soon be the most unprepared generation to attend an institution of higher education due to cutbacks in public education, but they’ll be able to carry their own concealed Glock to classes.

You know, the gun industry might want to prepare its new line of carry-to-class handguns that include things like a pencil sharpener in the handle.

Or maybe include a place to keep your lunch money.

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