Friday, November 11, 2011

Buffalo Soldiers, Aye. Stars and Bars, Nay

Yesterday at a board meeting of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, before a packed hearing room, the governing board voted unanimously to reject a proposal to produce a vanity plate featuring the most hated symbol of the South – and not hated just by African-Americans – the Confederate Flag.

The board then voted on another proposal for another vanity plate, a plate honoring the “Buffalo Soldiers,” African-American soldiers who served in the army’s 10th Cavalry after the Civil War (er… excuse me, the War of Northern Agression). That proposal passed.

This is such a strong rebuff of The Sons of Confederate Veterans, the only group to endorse this proposal, that they made no bones about their displeasure and promised to bring the matter up in a lawsuit, which had positive (that is, negative) results other southern states.

So you know what? How about this? How about we get a resolution passed in Congress that spells out who is a veteran and who is not? Because in my humble opinion, those who served in the Confederate Army are not true veterans, and should not be honored on Veterans Day – today by the way. They need to be specifically excluded.

They were not veterans, they were traitors.

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