Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Campaign Signs are Still Up

The law enforcement officers who are also politicians here in Fort Bend County have happened upon a loophole in campaign sign posting.

Now it is way too early to post campaign signs for the Fall 2012 campaign season. I believe there is a 90-day limit in the county. Nevertheless we saw signs go up that prominently displayed the names of these officers of the law, and then somewhere in a smaller font size their message on how to vote on the constitutional amendment propositions.

It’s all about messaging, and putting up in a highly visible way your issues.

Not these two

Here is one out by a heavily traveled county road.

Here is another still stuck in someone’s front lawn. I should point out that the big ones are gone.

These photos were taken earlier this afternoon, 5 days after the polls closed in the amendment election.

Time to take them down, gentlemen.  

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