Friday, November 04, 2011

Loopy Perry Speech: Bourbon or Muscle Relaxants?

Now I know you have all seen the loopy speech that Texas governor Rick Perry gave to a New Hampshire group this past week. But if you haven’t here are some excerpts of this nearly half hour speech that captures some of the more bizarre moments of his speech, including, I swear, what I heard to be slurred words.

Convinced? I am. I think Rick Perry was feeling no pain as he delivered that painful speech to New Hampshire conservatives who seemed to be lapping it up. Even “The Daily Show” pundit Jon Stewart thought so and noted it in his Moment of Zen this week.

That left the San Francisco Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci, who interviewed Perry subsequently, to ask whether he was on medication from his recent back surgery, or whether he had had a few too many before coming up on the stage.

Here is his response.

Gee. I wonder if Rick Perry hearts Jon Stewart, and wants to toss back a couple of glasses of wine with him. And no, Rick Perry is definitely not gay.

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