Friday, October 27, 2006

It’s Only a Class C Misdemeanor, But It’s the Thought That Counts

When Shelley Sekula-Gibbs entered the early vote polling place at First Colony Conference Center on Thursday, she knew what she was doing. She knew that she was violating Chapter 61.001 of the Texas State Election Code. Here it is in black and white:

A Class C misdemeanor is punishable by a fine of no more than $500, and being convicted of a Class C misdemeanor “does not impose any legal disability or disadvantage”.

She violated the law and was filmed by a KHOU news crew admitting it. This flagrant disregard for the law of the land goes part and parcel with what makes Tom DeLay Republicans tick. They are above the law. And that attitude is exactly what got and is getting Republicans all over in hot water.

Texas Democratic Party lawyer Chad Dunn plans on filing complaints with the Secretary of State’s office and the county attorney. Chad Dunn, you will recall, successfully argued that Tom DeLay could not be replaced on the general election ballot because he had effectively resigned and was not ineligible as claimed by Tina Benkiser and the Republican Party of Texas.

But early word from Fort Bend County Elections office is that Fort Bend County Election administrator J.R. Perez is declining to investigate this flagrant criminal act. He says that he wishes that she would have gone to another restroom, but that is it.

According to the KHOU story, democratic volunteer poll watcher Jane Borden Matcha said that “she saw Sekula-Gibbs enter the polling place and introduce herself. Matcha said Sekula-Gibbs peeked inside a voting booth, spoke with voters and introduced herself to Matcha. Matcha said she complained to the election judge about Sekula-Gibbs' actions, but the judge chose not to respond.”

I have to ask myself, why would she risk flagrantly violating the law in order to relieve her bladder? The answer has to be self-promotion. By violating this fairly minor law having a very low fine and no disability or disadvantage, Sekula-Gibbs garnered for herself tens of thousands of dollars worth of free air time and attention.

Sekula-Gibbs has now had her name boldly announced on KHOU evening news as "Republican Congressional Candidate Shelley Sekula-Gibbs". She got what she wanted. While you will still have to write her name in, Republicans have nearly successfully overturned Judge Sparks' order that Tom DeLay not be replaced on the ballot.

Republicans are very cynical about the law, you see.

So it’s really worse than it appears. Not only did Sekula-Rodriguez-Gibbs purposely and intentionally violate the law, she did it for political gain. If there isn’t a law against that, and a felony at that, there ought to be.

This really needs to be made into bad news for Sekula-Gibbs. She needs to pay dearly for the advantage and free air time that she got for violating the law of the land.

Let’s start with exposing this ploy for what it is, and compare it to Tom DeLay trickery and deceit. Vote for this woman and you help elect an immoral, self-promoting, conniving, corrupt politician to replace the previous immoral, self-promoting, conniving, corrupt politician.

Then let's get the DCCC to photoshop a picture of her in a pink prison jumpsuit and send out this piece:

"Is There Any Truth to the Story that Shelley Sekula-Gibbs Did Hard Time for Selling Crack Cocaine to Her Daughter's Middle School Friends?".


Mark said...

Unlike other candidates, Shelley can tell if you're voting for her by seeing if you're spinning the dial.

And she just couldn't help herself. She HAD to see if Republicans were workin' the wheel.

This makes her invasion all the more ugly.

Farhan Shamsi said...

Hmmmm. Some Class C Misdemeanors are heard in the JP Courts, particularly Juvenile Cases. Since this alleged childish incident happened in CD 22 of Fort Bend and Precinct 3 overlaps CD 22, maybe I can hear the case in January.

Oh, and she doesn't need to hire a lawyer to get justice in my court.

Fenway Fran said...

The poll workers at that particular poll were making very sure people knew how to write in, whether they wanted to or not. I personally saw it in action. As for Shelley, she had other options for her potty stop. The library is a block away, the Mall two blocks, and a school across the street. I won't mention Tom and Christine's, uh, I mean Christine's, within spitting distance. Then there are all the nice bushes outside the 100 ft boundary....I'm sure the throngs would have turned their backs for a few minutes...

Hal said...

I was talking to someone today who said his wife is signt impaired and a poll judge showed her how she could vote a straight Republican ticket and then write in Shelley. She told him that she wanted to vote straight democratic, and he said well here's how you can vote, you can change your mind, but this is a good way. Then she told him that she didn't need his "help".

yellerpup said...

I was at the press conference before it started and was talking with the precinct judge. He told me that he was standing next to the poll watcher when Ms. Gibbs entered. She can up to them, shook hands with both of them as she introduced herself. Ms. Gibbs then walked up to two poll workers and talked with them. Before she left Ms. Gibbs looked into the voting booths.

Marsha Rovai said...
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