Sunday, October 29, 2006

Silly Shelley's Transparent Lies and Why It's Not ""

I was at the Rosenberg Combined Campaign headquarters working my tail off yesterday. People came in and out all day to pick up precinct sign bundles for election day. Some stayed to talk and the conversation always came around to the NRCC’s on the edge of legal advertisement for Shelley Sekula-Gibbs. I got it at home, and just told them that I was NOT going to vote for Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, I was going to vote for Tom DeLay as always.

Our friend Dave did one better. He records his incoming suspect calls. Earlier he nailed a "poll" conducted by “Southern Research” that was in effect a campaign ad paid for by Sekula-Gibbs’ campaign. More recently, he also got a call from the same girl that called me and he put her feet to the fire. Listen to the version Mark put together. We all listened to it over and over with different people hearing it for the first time. Each time we listened to it the hilarity was just as intense as if we heard it for the first time.

In the message, Rachel mentioned that Dave could log on to to find out how to write in a candidate in the eSlate system. (And for Krishna's sake don't click on this link and drive up her hit count).

Write Shelley? It sounds more like a website for an advice columnist than a write-in candidate. It’s amazing that this domain name was still available. "Writeshelley". So the question goes begging: why not "Writeinshelley"? Isn’t that a domain name that is more to the political point?

So go ahead. Click on the link or click on Shelley’s goofy photo. They’ll take you to the same place.

Do I think that a Democrat from the Republic of Texas reserved the domain name? Is the pope German?

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