Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sorting Out the Truth in a Sea of Lies

I am starting to have trouble sorting out truth and lies, friends and foes, big hats and high hats. It must be getting close to the mid-term election. Well, yes, early voting started Monday, and I have my "I Voted" sticker displayed prominently. So I, thankfully, am done with the election on a personal basis, and can devote my time to helping my fellow man see BLUE.

Then out comes a new TV ad for Susan Combs, you know the one who wouldn't give Head the time of day? Susan Combs is going to wage war against the machine in Austin. Now if that isn’t the most confusing TV ad to come out this year, I’ll eat my Cub Scout cap (I made it to WEBLOS).

Apparently Susan Combs, the Republican candidate for Texas State Comptroller, is running a populist campaign against the entrenched political establishment that is responsible for “waste, fraud and abuse in state spending.”


Wha . . . ?

And she’ll fight for “your money” because it is not “the government’s”. Have we just gone insane? Republicans have dominated that office for years. Led by Opportunistic Republican Carole Keeton Strayhorn, the office has nothing but toed the Rick Perry line unless Grandma found some way to redirect state funds to benefit her own self-serving campaign.

Ahhh. That must be what we are talking about.

It’s a subtle jab at Rick Perry’s third place opponent. That and a slight rewriting of history. “She was us, but now she’s them . . . and by the way, when she was us we weren’t her.”

Does that even make any sense?

Anyway, with the ads, both TV and mailer, that have crossed my path these days, I can see that we are definitely in the home stretch of this mid-term election:

Misdirection, redirection, liberal Lampson, liberal Shelley, blaming people for things that they never did, obfuscation, push polls, pseudoresearch.
I really do wonder whether voters can wade through all of the fecal matter and come to a sound decision based on their beliefs and opinions.

I am characteristically pessimistic.

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