Saturday, February 17, 2007

Non-Binding Resolution on the Iraq War Passes - Much More Required

We all noted today that the three congressmen who represent voters in Fort Bend County, Texas voted for the House non-binding resolution against escalating the war (aka Bush's "surge") in Iraq. Now don’t get me wrong, I really did appreciate it that my congressman, Nick Lampson of Texas CD-22 voted in favor of the House non-binding resolution that opposed Bush’s “surge” of 21,000 troops to Iraq, broadening and escalating a war that has been fought and lost. Nick did the right thing, as did all of our congressmen in a newly elected majority that most accurately reflects the will of the people of the United States.

I just want more.

I want more to be done with limiting Bush’s ability to put troops on planes. Congress has the power to hamstring the president. They shirk from that power because of what resulted when congress withdrew monetary support of the Vietnam War.

Most people who are living don’t remember the Vietnam War. It was a horrible war and an illegal and immoral war just as the Iraq War is. There are many parallels. We had to get out and congress finally held its breath and cut the purse strings. It was done in a way that allowed future conservatives to point fingers at liberals, saying we did not support our troops, that we left the Vietnamese out hanging that world opinion has it that America cannot be depended upon to come to the aid of their allies.

All lies and hogwash.

America was tricked and fooled into this war by the Bush administration, just as it was tricked and fooled in 1964. The Bush administration cannot hold our troops as hostages for their further and future waging of this illegal and immoral war. That is what congress concluded way back then. We just need to learn from the mistakes of the past.

So here is the Half Empty solution to the War in Iraq. Give the troops on the ground all the bombs, bullets, MREs , body armor, and armor plated vehicles to get through and survive what the Bush administration has subjected them to as long as they are in-country.

But let it be like this. Congress will not approve a single additional dollar to anything or anyone who will send a single additional soldier to Iraq. I feel like a broken record but this seems so obvious to me. Find ways to prevent any given single solitary soldier from marching into a transport to Iraq. Not a penny, drachma, rial or pfennig goes to putting a single additional soldier in harm’s way.

Tell Iraq’s government that they have 6 months to step up, and mean it. Six months from now put 20,000 troops on planes for home. Each additional month, another 20,000. Leave a force behind on the periphery to watch and listen.

When US troops are out of Iraq, the issues that brought the sectarian war to a head turn away from the fact the US troops are in-country, and go back to their 900 year old dispute. Which is where it belongs. The presence of US troops inadvertently came in-between the feud between two ancient religious sects. No more of our brave soldiers must die for a civil war that has been brought about by the very presence of US troops.

Congressman Lampson, thanks for your vote. Now go and work on a solution.

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