Saturday, February 17, 2007

Warren Chisum: I Just Don't Buy It

Scott Hochberg is a better human being than I am. As a person professing the Jewish faith, Hochberg took a look at Warren Chisum’s apology for distributing what turned out to be an anti-semitic rant on the teaching of evolution in public schools, and said this as quoted from the Dallas Morning News:

“Rep. Scott Hochberg, a Jewish Democrat from Houston, said he was disturbed by the memo and the ‘nonsensical, anti-Semitic rant’ in the Web site – but that he believed Mr. Chisum's statement that he was "blindsided."

‘I take him at his word,’ Mr. Hochberg said.”

I, quite frankly, don’t.

Here’s why I say this. I am an educator. I don’t teach in the biological sciences, but let’s just say that I have a personal and professional perspective on evolution and how it should be taught in public schools. Chisum has a similar interest. I took my time to peruse through the website, the addendums and attachments, and got the full story in less than half an hour.

Warren Chisum is a busy man, none can claim otherwise. But if he is to send this memo, and its links, to everyone in the Texas state House, and he has not read it all, then it’s actually worse. It speaks volumes on the representative’s attention span.

Someone whose job it is to read political positions must be able to read those positions. If they do not read them, with full understanding of what they mean, then they should never, ever, transmit them to anyone else.

Warren Chisum committed a grievous error that Rep. Hochberg forgives. But I really don’t think Chisum has been sincere. I refuse to let him off as a more forgiving, and Jewish to boot, Rep. Hochberg has done.

Face it Warren. You are either a Jew hater, or you are habitually sloppy in your research.
Which is it?

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