Monday, January 14, 2008

A CD 22 GOP Candidates Forum !!!

Guess where I went tonight? Into the deep recesses of "The Dark Side". I attended the Richmond-Rosenberg Chamber of Commerce's Texas Congressional District 22 candidate's forum - a Republican-only event. Republican only in that the sole Democrat running in this race, Nick Lampson, was not there. Well he was there in spirit.

And yes, I have lots to say and lots to tell but I am going to let this one simmer on the stove over night, OK?

OK, let me just say two things:

(1) the forum met all my expectations, and

(2)Dean: suffering succotash!

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TexasSusan said...

Okay, Half Hal, I cannot believe you made me wait ALL DARN DAY!

Get thyself to a keyboard.