Thursday, January 31, 2008

Poor Rick Perry: What Does A Governor Endorse Now?

My question is, what will Texas Governor Rick Perry do now that his endorsed presidential candidate has fizzled?

Apparently only 39% of Texas voters actually cast their ballot for the sitting governor, thanks to a Texas law that only requires a plurality of the vote in order to become elected governor of this state.

And by my own evaluation of those that make up that 39% group, I think we are talking about friends, cronies and the vast bulk of right wing conservatives that still call the Republican Party home: evangelical conservatives, all of whom have had huge problems with the candidacy of former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

So when Rick Perry, whose entire base make up that specialized wing of the Republican Party endorsed the candidacy of Giuliani, you couldn’t avoid hearing the collective grinding of conservative teeth. And Perry was alone among the state governors to make this endorsement.

Look at it from Perry’s point of view. Really, it was an endorsement based on Texas chauvinism, right? Giuliani is a senior partner in the Houston-based law firm of Bracewell & Giuliani, LLP (since 2005). That makes Rudy Giuliani a Texan . . . of sorts. And since there are no native-born Texans running for president (and probably none for the foreseeable future if the rest of America has anything to say about it), that gives Rick Perry an obvious choice for an endorsement. Heck, Rudy was riding the crest of a wave: in the news every night, ahead in every poll. And Rick Perry was THE FIRST to endorse Rudy Giuliani.

When you are first to endorse . . . well that means something. That means you have vision. That means that you know how to pick a winner.

So despite all of the downside of picking a pro-abortion pro-stem cell Republican candidate for President, despite angering your entire base – all 39% - Perry went for it, leaned out and grabbed for the ring.

Only to come back with a gob of snot on his hand.

Now what do you do when you have enraged the people who have put you there in that office, when you have NOT made the endorsement that needed making for the front-runner (by the way, another Republican that Perry’s base cannot stand, and by the way, the guy that Giuliani turned around and endorsed).

What do you do?

Well I hear that Ron Paul needs some help, and oh we all forgot, Ron Paul is a Texan. But, no, Paul is not polling in the teens, so maybe not.

Well there is only one choice that I can see for Rick Perry. One choice is all he has. No, not McCain (H-E double hockey sticks no). And no, not Mitt. These evangelical conservative Texans that represent Perry’s base still have problems with adherents to the Church of Latter Day Saint (that’s “Mormon” in Texan). So it only leaves only one choice for Rick Perry. Only one bandwagon left to jump on, and I predict that he will if Mike Huckabee, or his campaign, doesn’t view Rick Perry’s endorsement as something like the blessing of Jonah.

Oh, please Jesus, grant me this prayer: tell Governor 39% to endorse Mike Huckabee for president.

Let it be Huckabee.
UPDATE: Well it is either one of two things, Jesus doesn't give a rat's behind about my pleadings, or Rick Perry no longer has a personal pipeline to our Lord and Savior's suggestions. Looks like Perry went ahead in lockstep with his friend Arnold Governator and endorsed John McCain.
Hey . . . isn't Schwarzenegger an immigrant? Can't we do something about that?

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