Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Three Shell Game: Indictment? What Indictment?

It seems we have a new kind of three shell game going on here in Texas. Right now it is being played expertly in Harris County where an indictment for the crime of arson has been shuffled around under one walnut shell after another.

Earlier this month, Supreme Court Justice David Medina and his wife, Francisca, were indicted by the Harris County Grand Jury for the torching of their own home last year. Investigators were apparently following leads that included discovery of an accelerant in the remains of the couples’ garage and the revelation of some financial troubles that the Justice was experiencing. The Grand Jury duly issued an indictment for arson against the couple.

That indictment slipped under the first walnut shell and was shuffled around the folding table that is Harris County politics, and hey presto, now you see it now you don’t. Is it here? Nope. Sorry, Chuck Rosenthal, the Republican County DA says, "case dismissed".

“Foul!” cried two Grand Jury members, “The game is rigged.” The two grand jury members who came forward claimed that there was ample evidence but there was obviously some political chicanery afoot.

The DA lifted all three walnut shells, no pea.

Medina’s attorney, Terry Yates added his walnut shell, a fourth, and now the Grand Jury whistle blowers have to go before state District Judge Jim Wallace. Why? Who knows, there’s a shell game afoot and why not try and beat a dead horse. The case is dismissed but jeez, there are still players.

Judge Wallace then adds the coup de grĂ¢ce by adding a 5th walnut shell. Hey presto, now you see it (the Medina case) and now you don’t AND also another 30 days’ worth of Grand Jury indictments disappear to boot.

Oops. Judge Wallace found that there was improper paperwork filed and anything that the Grand Jury had done in the previous 30 days was invalid.

There’s no pea, and now there is no shell game.

From what we saw in Harris County this past few days, the person in this You Tube embedded video is a rank amateur.

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