Saturday, January 26, 2008

Edwards Looking at Third Place Again In South Carolina

What a contrast from only four years ago. Four years ago John Edwards was victorious in South Carolina against a well-funded John Kerry Campaign, and somewhat funded Al Sharpton and Wesley Clark campaigns. The results were Edwards – 44.86%, Kerry – 30.27%, Sharpton – 9.65% and Clark – 7.19%.

Times were different then. Edwards ran as a favorite son against a Yale-educated Massachusetts Yankee. Not a particularly difficult thing to do. But now there is a new mix, and while we saw a huge Black vote for Al Sharpton, that did not deliver the victory that we are expecting (as polls are indicating) for Barack Obama.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama have the taint of “Yankee” about them. Clinton for years was first lady of the Arkansas governor’s mansion, Obama, the son of a Kenyan immigrant, certainly has not been hurt by his heritage in this southern state, which expects a 50% African-American turnout today.

So John Edwards, by far the best of the three candidates who are still in the running for President of the United States, will again take third place.

It has never been an issue of written words. That makes people read, and God knows these days most people hate to read. So while John Edwards has a very significant endorsement by Martin Luther King, III, (read it at Bluedaze), I doubt that will have much of an affect. I hear that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has saturated the media market with her message, and has been answered by a well-thought out but under-funded television spot by the Edwards campaign. Click below.

It’s a very uplifting TV spot. I only have one problem with it. They need to get rid of the voiceover guy who sounds like he’s speaking into a shoe box.

More to the point. I think John Edwards has tried to keep the dignity of the Democratic Primary races elevated above the mud. The back and forth squabbles between Hillary and Barack are, quite frankly, turning people off. Not a significant number of them, granted, but enough to make a difference in the outcome today, I think.

So yes, look for 3rd place today. But not a distant 3rd.


TXsharon said...

Did you hear about the negative robo calls made today by the Clinton campaign about Edwards?

Hal said...

No, I hadn't heard about that but I have been out-of-pocket up until just now - a Tejano wedding no less - so I am just getting back to this.

Frankly, I was surprised at first because of what I know about your typical Edwards supporter. But I suppose they have already gone to the Obama cupboard and found it to be bare, so went to some new and undiscovered territory. I can't imagine a die-hard Edwards supporter going to the Clinton camp, now or ever, but I suppose she might have been looking for "soft supporters". Could be the reason why his numbers fell below the 21% I was expecting.

Anonymous said...

The second clip has the best hook. Too bad he is the Paul of the demos. His special interest attack should resonate for many, I know it does for me. Wish it was more than just a political catch phrase so many seem to use when jumping the big corporate media hoops.