Tuesday, January 29, 2008

John McCain, The Immigrant’s Friend, The Neocon’s Worst Enemy

John McCain is running ads about something that I mentioned here the other day: who we Democrats don’t want to run against in November. Polls, news pundits, bloggers, and the guy two doors down all have the same idea that John McCain would be the worst news for Democrats if he gets the Republican nomination. This has not missed the attention of his campaign.

Here is McCain’s own Web ad on this:

I think we have one last chance to keep McCain off the ballot in November, and that chance lies in McCain’s fairly humanitarian stance vis-à-vis how we are to manage the problem of having 12 million undocumented workers in the United States.

This stance, which has attracted the ire of a vocal neoconservative minority within the GOP is our last best hope for McCain’s loss of the nomination. Look at the video:

These people are just rabid, aren’t they? It gives me no comfort in knowing that I am practically relying on them to come out in force in the Republican primaries, as they did in 2000 when they nominated the least of the group of white men on their state primary ballots to become their party standard bearer.

Maybe we need a video of John McCain using the Worst Verb In The Universe, like the one he is said to have used when he responded to junior senator John Cornyn’s chiding last year when Cornyn was trying to obstruct the McCain/Kennedy plan for immigrants’ path to citizenship. Unfortunately we don’t have video of that. Only this reconstruction of how the rant might have gone:

That may not be enough, mainly because of the bleeps. While these neoconservatives hate the words, they love to hear them spoken out for some reason.

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