Monday, May 05, 2008

6 Present and Former Fort Bend ISD Trustees Endorse Dr. Jonita Reynolds

Quite a few of us here in Fort Bend County received an email message today from six present and former members of the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees. This message was a very unusual move for this group, but these days, the unusual is more de rigueur.

Unusual in that these six present and former BOT members are endorsing Dr. Jonita Reynolds in her quest to unseat incumbent trustee Laurie Caldwell.

Unusual but quite understandable. Here. Read the message they sent this morning:
Dear Friends –

We are writing to ask for your assistance in electing three new people to the FBISD board of trustees.

As long time current and former board members, we are fully aware of the demands made upon the trustees. We feel that there are three candidates that have the skill set and demeanor to contribute in a positive manner to FBISD.

Former educator Susan Hohnbaum is running against Stan Magee. Dr. Jonita Reynolds is running against Laurie Caldwell. Both of the incumbents were a part of the Lisa Rickert “new guard”. They were a part of the dysfunction and major disruption in FBISD over the past four years. FBISD taxpayers are well aware of this dysfunction and understand that it will continue if we fail to vote.

We witnessed and experienced the malicious, unethical behavior of this group. It is time for a clean slate. It is time for FBISD to march forward unencumbered.

Additionally, we feel that Daniel Menendez will bring a great deal of professional understanding to issues surrounding bond expenditures.

Please do not be swayed by the political misrepresentations that will certainly be spread by desperate people over the next week.

Don’t miss this opportunity to let your voice be heard.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of us.

Early voting ends on Tuesday and Saturday, May 11
[it's the 10th really] is the School Board Election. Please VOTE.
Bruce Bain Jane Clarke Rita Drabek
Sue Hauenstein Cynthia Knox Arthur Pace

Now these 6 signatories endorse more than just Jonita Reynolds, but I want to focus on this one candidate because she is running against a trustee that is actively campaigning. Stan Magee is not

As written in the email, Laurie Caldwell, as well as Stan Magee, represents the last of the “New Guard”, a neoconservative "reform" voting bloc. These members were elected to the board on promises of increased accountability for spending. They succeeded in slashing tax rates for taxpayers (that is, decreasing district revenues), oursourcing tasks that had been taken care of in-house, chasing off skilled and talented teachers and administrators, and running up expenditures with all of what went into replacing the administrators they ran off as well as to pay the legal expenses that resulted from actions they provoked.

Fort Bend ISD is just coming out of a long nightmare, and it is time to put this sordid past behind us for good. The time is now to support Dr. Jonita Reynolds by voting for her in this Saturday’s school board election. Dr. Reynolds brings huge assets to the table: a locally educated (U of H) teacher and administrator, CEO of . . . wait a minute, she says it better than I. Just go here to look at the impressive skill set this candidate offers to us. Compare that list to that of Laurie Campbell: past PTA president, parent volunteer at her kids’ schools, a teacher courtesy of the state’s “emergency certification program”, and owner of a pet sitting company.

This is not a difficult decision here so go and vote. Vote and take two friends with you and tell them who to vote for.

And tell all the rest of your friends to go and vote, too.

Early voting ends tomorrow, May 6th, so if you have missed it, and a whole bunch of people have, go and vote on Election Day. That’s Saturday May 10th. Go here for a list of voting locations and hours. Don’t know your precinct? Go here and they’ll tell you.

Let's finish the job we started.

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