Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cowboy Diplomacy in the Middle East: McCain and Clinton Rattle Their Sabers

First it was John McCain issuing bomb threats to the Iranian people:

Then, with Pennsylvania on the line, McCain's saber rattling was brought to Democratic politics when Hillary Clinton donned her spurs and Texas ten-gallon hat and assumed the position of the character that Slim Pickens played in the classic dark comedy Dr. Strangelove, when she gave these remarks:

And Barack Obama? What does Barack Obama have to say about John “Lucas” McCain and “Hopalong” Hillary Clinton? He held forth today on “Meet the Press”. In case you missed it:

Again, you have to take into account that two of these candidates aren’t so much talking to the electorate but to the superdelegates whose support they want or whose support they don’t want to lose. What is Clinton’s message to them here? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Over and over again you hear Clinton saying that the issue of the fall election will be security and defense. It has become obvious that Clinton’s people have decided that the best way to go up against McCain is to agree with him. It negates his advantage.

Ironic, isn’t it? These contests were fought in the past by having the candidates show how different they were from each other. This is how Barack Obama plans to do it, a strategy that promotes change as opposed to a 3rd term for Bush, and this is ironically similar to what has traditionally been done in the past. Hillary Clinton plans to fight McCain by embracing his ideas and making them hers. A strategy that promises the same old thing, but ironically, this is a new approach to woo the voters.

Conclusion? Obama’s is a campaign for change. Clinton’s is a change for campaigning.

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