Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Sara

Wherever she is tonight, whether it is afloat on the Nile or hoofing it through the world's largest open air museum, my Sara is another year older.

Happy Birthday, Sara.

Be safe and continue to berate the touts that so intimidate Western visitors to these important ancient shrines. If I were to face an Egyptian tout who falsely advised of this concern or that, I would want my daughter, Sara, by my side to lay into them with coarse invective. This is a young woman with an attitude.

The kid is going places, world. You just don't know it right now.


TexasSusan said...

Sara - eat well, travel light, and grin a lot.

Happy Birthday, Honey. You're simply the best!

Fenway Fran said...

To that fine young woman, wherever she is, if she's checking her dad's great blog: wishing you many more years of being YOU! It was a pleasure getting to know you in TX. Come see us in WA sometime when you get to the left coast.