Monday, May 12, 2008

Somebody Needs to Run Against Fort Bend 3rd Precinct Commissioner Andy Meyers

Really, somebody should.

Now a Democrat will never be able to win in this. Fort Bend County’s 3rd precinct includes the Katy/Cinco Ranch area of the northern end of the county, and anyone with politics to the left of Genghis Khan is going to have a tough go with that area’s voters.

But somebody has to run against him. Maybe so that he can get some idea of what it is you spend in a serious campaign these days. A serious campaign where you have an opponent.

But really, for a lot of reasons, someone needs to run against this guy.

Covered today in FortBendNow and also at Susan’s not-a-blog is the story of her near-total victory over Andy Meyers in her ethics complaint filed a year and a half ago with the Texas Ethics Commission. Meyers agreed to pay $1600 in fines without acknowledging guilt.

Now you can read about all of the particulars at the above links, I just want to make a couple of very simple observations. First, why did Andy Meyers feel the need to spend $38,500 for “political expenditures” from July 2005 to January 2007? Who was Meyers running against? The truth is that since March 2004 Meyers has not had an opponent.

So what is it about this kind of money being spent for “political expenditures”? The only thing I can recall coming from this individual was twenty or so 3 X 6 hate signs that appeared on the scene late in the 2006 mid-term election. Signs that were traced back to Meyers. Signs he paid a little over a few grand for as I recall.

But that leaves a whole bunch more of that balance to account for.

The assertion that Meyers was using his campaign account for his personal benefit seems to have been turned aside by the TEC. They appear willing to accept an explanation of accounting errors as the cause for these filings. It’s a difficult pill to swallow, though, considering the fact that Meyers is, himself, an accountant. In fact, from his own county website he lists himself as having these qualities: “MBA in Finance & Economics - L.S.U., Licensed CPA, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Held Series 7 Securities Dealers License (sic).”

Masters in Business Administration? Certified Public Accountant? Securities licenses?

I recall in past years that he cited these very qualities of business acumen as reasons people should vote for him.

Now he can’t even file a correct campaign expense report? This brings me to my second observation.

Somebody needs to run against this guy because if he is correct, and all of these things were due to his accounting mistakes, then he is a self-admitted incompetent. Self-admitted, and also an incompetent as indicated by the TEC itself. Didn’t they make note of the fact that his $6,800 emended report also had errors?

Frankly, I don’t know what is worse: an incompent accountant in public offce or accounting incompetently in an emendation when the errors have already been revealed to him.

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