Tuesday, May 13, 2008

West Virginia . . . mountain mama . . . take me home . . .

On this evening of all of us sitting down to find out how many white voters Hillary Clinton can scare into voting for her (instead of that guy who simply can’t attract white working people), there are two short Obama ads on You Tube that show both cleverness and ingenuity. Two traits that personifies the campaign of that less-than-white guy.

By the way, is it just me or is anyone else completely turned off by Hillary Clinton’s “whites only” remarks?

Here’s my fave. Mom . . . sit down . . . I have . . . hope.

And this one. Clearly Obama wants to turn a new page in history. Do I have to draw you a picture?


Anonymous said...

You obmamiacs are hard to like.

You act like a bunch of assholes, or republicans.

Hal said...

I don't usually let through these kinds of comments. Comments that I compare to pocket fluff. But I thought that this comment was indicative of the problems we now face. Problems that we Democrats are going to have to meet and master if we are going to be able to defeat a common opponent.

It's hard right now while we are still in the throes of a struggle.

A hopeless struggle.

The "working white people" speech was a low point in this campaign. It exposed a soft underbelly in us. I think we are better than that. Clinton made that statement in a deliberate attempt to enhance her totals of the 96% white vote in WV. This is divisive in the extreme. Not in WV, but to the rest of the grand majority us who live in states that have a diverse voting population.

I don't like your profanity, anon, but I think it speaks volumes for your attitude.

I do like your attempt at frivolity in the latest incarnation of an attempt to denigrate those of us who support Obama. "Obmamiac". What's with that, anon? Could you have possibly meant "Obamaniac"?

I like that better.

Better yet, and I am surprised that Hillarycrats have not dreamed up this one yet: how about "Obamanation"?

Montag said...

I think in the future political scientists will examine the "Clinton Republicans," as Hillary's supporters move so far to the right that they simply defect to the Republican Party. Some of them are already calling for Hillary to run as John McCain's VP. Someone called Hillary's campaign tactics "conservative populism," where the people are only offered band-aid solutions for gaping social and economic wounds. Like the Republicans running on "God, Guns & Gays" even as they ship more jobs overseas. It's really fascinating to watch someone who served on the board of Wal-Mart running as the Champion of the White Working Class. It's really fascinating to watch these people stampede over their own principles just because Hillary is their Pied Piper.