Friday, November 12, 2010

DeGuerin: Calendar Will Acquit Tom DeLay

Now, despite having admitted on tape to an assistant DA that he knew about a future “soft cash” for “hard cash” transaction, an illegal act, Tom DeLay will eventually be vindicated claimed his hotshot lawyer Dick DeGuerin

“DeLay attorney Dick DeGuerin told reporters the transcript context indicates DeLay couldn't have known about the money swap until after the deal was done -- and he said he would prove it by showing DeLay's calendar.”
Well that should do it. Nothing like coming up with a trump card like Tom DeLay’s own personal calendar to prove, once and for all, that he knew nothing about a pending cash exchange – an exchange to do something in Texas that you’re not supposed to be able to do.

I even got a peek at the calendar:

September 30 2002:

10:00 AM: Meet with Colyandro. Give him the Bacardi check.
11:00 AM: Lunch, smoke a Cuban cigar. Be the Federal Government
2:00 PM: Destroy somebody.
3:00 PM: Still don’t know anything about RNC soft cash for hard cash exchange.
4:00 PM: Destroy somebody else.
5:00 PM: Go home.

October 1 2002:

9:00 AM: Strut in front of a mirror.
10:00 AM: Still don’t know anything about RNC soft cash for hard cash exchange.
11:00 AM: Lunch. Pray for George Bush.
3:00 PM: Destroy an old lady with blue hair.
4:00 PM: Go get some money from Sears.
5:00 PM: Be completely innocent of money laundering.
6:00 PM: Go home.

October 2, 2002

9:00 AM: Destroy all Texas teachers’ hopes of getting their Social Security.
10:00 AM: Meet with Ellis. Don’t become informed that he is going to arrange an illegal cash transaction with the RNC.
11:00 AM: Lunch. Destroy all Democrats. 
You get the idea . . .

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