Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No Early Christmas

Tom DeLay’s lawyers all have some sort of scheduling conflict or another on December 20th so it seems that unlike the early Thanksgiving I received last week, there will be no early Christmas for me and the rest of us who have eagerly anticipated that date.

The day that Judge Pat Priest was scheduled to pronounce sentence on my former congressman and now convicted felon, Tom DeLay.

Really? All of them?

They all can’t make time to attend the sentencing of their most famous client?

Is this just an attempt to buy some time? I’m always a little suspicious about all things Tom DeLay.

But maybe I should cut Dick DeGuerin a little slack. When it was announced that sentencing would occur on December 20th, he probably didn’t know to take a look at his calendar then and there and mark it down. Then and there he would have noticed that he had a scheduling conflict and could have mentioned it to Judge Priest.

Then and there.

But then, we all now know that Dick DeGuerin is challenged by calendars. Like how he tripped himself up in court by not noticing what prosecutors did notice when they read his calendar. The calendar that revealed that Tom DeLay had a meeting scheduled with his staffer, Jim Ellis, just after Ellis received the FedEx package containing the check that Tom DeLay knew nothing, absolutely nothing about, for another 3 weeks.

Yep, that’s the ticket. DeGuerin is calendar-challenged.

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Murr Brewster said...

I wonder if the sucker gets a prison sentence and says "I'm sorry, I'm busy that day."

Maybe they've all got what I have. I have everything written on a calendar, but I can't ever remember what day it is.