Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Pants on Fire

Tom DeLay is, quite frankly, his own worst enemy. Maybe it’s his brain function. Apparently in his former job of bug exterminator he inhaled one too many lungful of toxins that went right to his central nervous system and killed brain cells. Either that or it is one, or twelve, too many martinis.

Because as we now read the coverage at his money laundering trial, the prosecution will apparently never directly tie Tom DeLay to the actual request to the RNC to launder $190,000 of corporate PAC donations so they could give it directly to Republican State House campaigns. Those who did make the request, DeLay’s underlings, are on trial separately for this.

No, unfortunately, there is no evidence that DeLay did this, well all except for one witness who gave a statement to prosecutors in 2005: Tom DeLay.

“The prosecution's case could turn on its circumstantial evidence and DeLay's own words when he reportedly told prosecutors in 2005 that he knew about the transaction before it occurred.”
Tom, Tom, Tom. If you are a guilty as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks the last thing you do is admit it to people who can bring you to trial. What is clear to me is that DeLay was so ignorant of the fact that he had committed a crime that he actually bragged about knowing that the transaction was going to happen before it did.

This is exactly what he did in Sam Sparks’ courtroom when he testified that he didn’t know where he would be living on Election Day in 2006. Had he just been a little less coy, had he given Sparks even a hint that he wouldn’t be eligible to serve if re-elected, I think Sparks would have given him the benefit of the doubt.

But he didn’t, and now we see that only a year previous to that testimony he made this other blunder, one that he has had to backpedal on and say that when he testified to that he was in error.

“Since then, DeLay has said he didn't know about the money swap until after it was done, saying he just made a mistake in his comments to authorities.”


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