Wednesday, November 10, 2010

They Have It on Tape!

Yesterday I mentioned that Tom DeLay, who is on trial for money laundering to illegally allow PAC contributions from corporations to benefit Texas State House campaigns is his own witness against himself.

In fact, he is the only witness to verify that he knew about the illegal transaction before it happened.

This is because in 2005 "The Hammer" agreed to be interviewed by prosecutors who were investigating the money laundering scheme, and ironically it was so that he could keep his job as House Majority Whip.

Something that didn’t happen, largely because of the results of the interview.

But, you know, I have very low expectations so I figured that the only record of the interview consisted of stenographer’s notes or maybe even some rough notes made by the prosecutors. Or maybe someone’s hazy memory that DeLay’s lawyer could pick apart.

But no.

They have it on tape!

And today, the jury was allowed to listen to Tom DeLay say over and over again that this was just business as usual in Washington DC political finance maneuvers.

“DeLay said repeatedly in the interview played for jurors Wednesday that the money swap was a legal, common practice done by both Republicans and Democrats”
So I got it right for once. Tom DeLay had no idea that he was committing an illegal act. He is so corrupt that something so obviously illegal, so obviously underhanded, seemed like a natural act to him.

But to have him performing this on tape is just icing on the cake and makes his performance on DWTS, a hard-to-watch performance at that, pale in comparison.

DeGuerin should be considering his next legal tack: Innocent by reason of utter stupidity.

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