Wednesday, December 07, 2011

And it is Pearl Harbor Day.

My father and all of my uncles joined  up as best they could after that day. My dad was still at school so he had awhile to wait. His younger brother leaped ahead and joined the merchant marines who didn't have age requirements.His older brother, at school learning to be an architect, had a wait but finally got a shot at a seaman in the US Navy.

They were all affected by that day, 70 years ago.

Anyone have someone to remember who served or was lost in that war? A memory? Leave it here.

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judge chief charly hoarse said...

My Grampa was a foundryman. Those guys won the war too. I've read of men relaxing on piles of empty gunny sacks to have lunch, war secrecy prevented them knowing that the sacks had held uranium ore. Western New York may have more atomic superfund sites than Nevada and New Mexico combined.