Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Perry Files Lawsuit to Get on Virginia Primary Ballot

Failing to gather the 10,000 signatures that Virginia state law requires of all presidential candidates, Rick Perry has filed a lawsuit in federal district court to force himself on the Virginia primary ballot.

Now there normally would be nothing wrong with the above statement if the name Rick Perry were not used in it. Insert the name Newt Gingrich, a big government Washington insider conservative and you have a winner. But Rick “Tenther” Perry? Rick Perry is apparently not so “fed up” that he doesn’t see the exquisite irony in his running to the feds to force a state to alter the way it runs its own elections. In his own state he decries the justice department meddling in its Voter ID law and redistricting. But Virginia is, apparently, infected with some resident evil that prevents its electorate from being able to choose him.

Virginia ballot access rules are among the most onerous and are particularly problematic in a multi-candidate election. We believe that the Virginia provisions unconstitutionally restrict the rights of candidates and voters by severely restricting access to the ballot, and we hope to have those provisions overturned or modified to provide greater ballot access to Virginia voters and the candidates seeking to earn their support.”
Onerous. 10,000 signatures.

Heck, Perry could have given each and every one of his security detail a few petitions each and gotten the job done.

Heck, Perry could have called up one of his political cronies and gotten the job done just as they did in 2010 when they helped the Green Party get on the Texas ballot by gathering 92,000 signatures.

But no. Instead Perry ran to the feds for some relief and filed another frivolous lawsuit.

You know, this just underlines something that I have been saying about Rick Perry for months now. Rick Perry is neither conservative nor liberal. Rick Perry simply has no core principles at all except the ones that help Rick Perry.

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