Saturday, December 03, 2011

Why Was Cain Ever in It?

Upon hearing that Herman Cain was “suspending” his presidential campaign my first thought was “Suspending? Like McCain suspended his campaign?”

Then I figured it all out. This guy, with an ego the size of Jupiter could never bring himself to announce an end to his campaign. It sounds so much better to say it this way, as if to say that he might be back.

But no, stick a fork in him, Herman Cain is done.

Then I asked myself, why was Cain ever in it to begin with? Was it really all about selling his book like the pundits say? A national book tour that also took in campaign contributions?

No, I now honestly think he was in it to win. The stars were all aligned. The Tea Party was slowly eroding any common decency that remained in the GOP. The national conservative mood was perfect for a guy like Herman Cain and he knew it.

And then you ask yourself how can someone with Cain’s reputation of sexually harassing women, and extra-marital affairs (and I don’t think it would have stopped at one revelation) think that there was no chance that no one would find out about them? That was my latest thought on the fact that Cain was in it merely to sell books.

But no. He really was in it to win.

And what leads me to think this now? In his latest denial that he would be ending his campaign today, Cain said this: “I’m on this journey for a reason. I don’t look back.”

That’s probably the only true statement of the facts that Herman Cain uttered in his whole time campaigning.

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