Thursday, December 08, 2011

Obama Haters Still on a Tear Over That "Flag"

I don’t know whether you remember the moral outrage that the uberright had over reports that in 2008 the Obama campaign leased a campaign jet and promptly removed an American flag painted on the jet’s tail, replacing it with a giant Obama logo.

Oh they were steaming mad over this and the email “chain letters” were viral.

Except it was all blown out of proportion.

And now today I note that they are at it again, this time on Facebook, the new vehicle for dissemination of misinformation to the gullible masses that represent the right.

Snopes has the whole story, with pictures.

The “flag” that was removed? Turns out that North American Airlines, the company that the campaign leased the jet from, has as its company logo a stylized version of the American flag waving in the wind. Here it is:

This is the “flag” that was removed. The company logo.

This, so the campaign could have their own logo painted on the tail.

But imagine the logic and reasoning. Imagine what would happen if all of a sudden it became verboten to remove North American’s logo from a leased plane because it looked like a waving American flag. You lease a plane, you want to have your logo painted on it. If they couldn’t remove North American’s logo, the plane looks like a commercial jet, not a campaign jet.

Who wants that?

Who would ever want to lease another jet from North American? All of a sudden, North American is out of the leasing business, and deprived of the chunk of change that they get from leases.

That is, these rightwing complainers are depriving a company of its commerce.

That’s socialism.

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