Sunday, December 04, 2011

Is Rick Perry Running for President or Despot?

Rick Perry has been caught on camera again showing his obviously abundant supply of ignorance. It’s either that or he’s not really running for president, but rather would rather have the job of despotic ruler. He was asked the same question four different times about his intention to stop implementation of many parts of the Affordable Healthcare Act by issuing executive orders.

Anyone with an 8th grade education knows that executive orders cannot be used as a trump card to cancel out the express will of congress.

But this is news to Rick Perry who is not unfamiliar with abuse of power of the executive order as governor of Texas. Recall his executive order ordering the vaccinations of every 11 year old female child in Texas against Human Papilloma Virus. An order so outrageously heavy-handed and overstepping that it was quickly quashed by the state legislature.

So while some may say that this is just another example of the ignorance of the Texas governor, like his earlier remarks about being 21 on November 12th, I am now wondering if this is simply something that Rick Perry intends to make happen.

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