Monday, December 19, 2011

Ron Paul Leads Poll in Iowa

In a recent survey taken over the weekend Public Policy Polling has found out what a lot of us were beginning to suspect: Iowa caucus goers are bat-guano crazy. Ron Paul, the poll says, is at the top of the polls in Iowa.

“Paul now has the vote of 23 percent of 597 likely Republican caucus voters, according to Public Policy Polling, in a survey taken from Dec. 16-18. Mitt Romney is close behind at 20 percent, while Gingrich as slipped dramatically to 14 percent. Fourth place is a dead heat between Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry at 10 percent. While Jon Huntsman is gaining traction in New Hampshire, in Iowa he's only got 4 percent of the likely voters. Gary Johnson comes in at 2 percent.”
So The Newt is the latest in a long list of front runners to have the trap door opened under his feet and he gets replaced by perennial presidential candidate – on either the Libertarian or Republican Party ballots – Congressman Ron “Dr. No” Paul.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for Paul. The average residence time of any given front runner (and there have been 5 now) in Iowa is about 3 weeks, and here it is December 20th, just 2 weeks shy of the Iowa caucuses.

Know what this means?

It means that if this polling trend holds Iowa caucus-goers will have just voted their state into oblivion. The RNC, I hear, is going to take a very dim view of the importance of Iowa’s continued presence in early primary/caucuses if the winner of their caucus is the much-maligned in his own party, Dr. Ron Paul.

Know what this also means?

It means that the Republican Party has officially fractured into two entities: Mainstream and TEA Party.

When McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running-mate he made the Obama victory an easy one. When voters pick Ron Paul as their nominee they will make the 2012 Presidential election a gift to Democrats.

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