Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cornyn Wants A Wall (Again)

It looks like the schism that separates non-border Texans from Texans whose homes and livelihoods hug the border with Mexico is going to go away.

What schism you ask? The one that has Texans living in northern parts of Texas demanding a full-featured border wall that is impenetrable by terrorists, Mexicans, and other undesirables, and Texans who live on the border who don’t want a wall in their backyards blocking the view.

John Cornyn, the junior US Senator from Texas, was for this wall until he visited the Rio Grande Valley. Then he was against it.

Now he’s for it again.

And it was the South Texans who talked him into it.

The You Tube embedded video was taken when Cornyn first heard of the plan and you can see the look on his face: Corny likes it!

What these Hidalgo County officials are proposing is not a wall, but a levee. An enhanced levee. The one currently in place has suffered the ravages of time and storms. Hurricane Beulah, in particular did a real number on the area in 1967, and locals still remember. A breach in the levee would bring disaster to the area, so now it’s time to repair the levee in places.

But wait, there’s a commonality between a border wall and a levee: they both follow the border. What a concept.

So instead of building a border wall, an idea we all hate, let’s build an “enhanced levee”, an idea we can all get behind. An enhanced levee, will be a “Win-win” according to Cornyn. Not only will it keep out those undesirable elements, Mexicans and terrorists, it’ll keep back the waters too.

Genius! Don’t call it a border wall, call it a levee - a wall that necessarily can’t have any holes in it. Holes for water to flow through and Mexicans to crawl through.

Trouble is . . . you know . . . it’ll still look like a wall.

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Anonymous said...

Hal you can look at Cornyn's pervious votes and legislation he has provided to the US Senate. I would rather trust him, then a political party willing to give drivers licenses to undocumented aliens. Cornyn said in the video, "This is a good way of brain storming". Why do you try to come up with half twisted angles for Cornyn on a daily basis?