Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thoughts On Tonight’s Debate

I usually don’t do this, but it has occurred to me, this night, that my guy, John Edwards, probably has a snowball’s chance in H-E-double hockey sticks’ of getting the nomination. Not to say that I will shift my allegiance to someone else, I stand behind my man, John Edwards, to the end.

But why is it that I believe he has not a chance?

John Edwards is too good for us. Everyone I come into contact with (or nearly everyone) is an Edwards supporter. Just about everyone. Edwards harkens to our higher mental processes. He is the populist. His ideas are endearing to those of us who support labor, support the best way to get out of Iraq and the Middle East, support an end to the corporate domination of our government.

Why won’t the nation rally around John Edwards?

He doesn’t have what Americans crave. Edwards builds his arguments using logic and emotion. But that’s not what American voters respond to. American voters respond to the “Ultimate One Liner”. One liners can capture an audience. Why? Because since the 60’s Americans have been subjected to single ideas, presented on television, that appeal to them. These single ideas are embodied in commercials. Commercials to some are tedious, but to many are welcomed.

Because they entertain. And quickly.

Anyone who wants to be president, anyone, has to teach themselves how to entertain Americans. Why? It’s because Americans are engaged in the improbable act of entertaining themselves to death.

Hillary Clinton knows how to entertain Americans. I saw it tonight. She used her gender to tell voters about Harry Truman’s ditty “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. “I am very comfortable in the kitchen”, she said.

That was funny. Funny and it entertained me. Hillary, as did Henny Youngman, knows about one-liners.

So much so that she turned the UNLV audience. When John Edwards pointed out that Hillary Clinton represents the old guard – by taking lobbyist contributions, represents old DC corporate politics as usual – they booed him.

Booed John Edwards.

Booed John Edwards because Hillary entertained them. Edwards made then think. Wrong, John. Never make a voter think. They want to be entertained instead.


American politics is all about entertainment, nothing about issues. Nothing about political votes and positions.

John Edwards should study Henny Youngman tapes, and wait for Hillary’s “Howard Dean Moment.”

Maybe it will come.

I am characteristically pessimistic.

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TXsharon said...

I so agree with you.