Friday, November 02, 2007

Democracy For America Needs 5000 Signatures For Rick Noriega

Remember when Rick Noriega won the Democracy for Texas vote that enabled him to be endorsed by that group? For the first time in its history the DFT came out with an official endorsement for a primary candidate.

And it was for Rick Noriega.

All of that is now just so much oil through the Straits of Hormuz, as Rick is the only candidate running for the nomination to run against Cornyn in November.

But now they’re at it again. This time it’s at Democracy for America. They want to get 5,000 signatures on a petition to get the national organization to support Rick’s campaign. Admittedly it could be all about getting 5,000 email addresses of liberal activist voters (note on the home page of their website who is winning in their presidential poll) but cross that stream when you come to it. This is definitely worth your time and trouble. Go here and leave your name, email address and zip code to sign the petition. Also, leave a little note telling them why you support Rick Noriega.

Here is what I told them in my little note:

"I believe that Democrats support Rick Noriega because they have high regard for his integrity and his progressive ideals. I also believe that Republicans will support Rick because they have a high regard for his public service, and for his honesty and integrity."
I sincerely do believe that Rick will draw Republican votes away from Cornyn. Hard-core Bushies will vote for Cornyn because there’s an R next to his name. They really don’t care what he has done to our children through his votes. But these voters are the radical fringe, and one thing is for sure, candidates supported solely by the radical fringe have never won an election. Even Adolf Hitler came in 2nd place.

Oops, did I just compare John Cornyn to Adolf Hitler? It’s not true, you know. Not true at all. It was just a statement about how fringe groups have no power, but make lots of noise to give the effect that they do.

Besides, Cornyn has better hair than Hitler did.

Besides, I hear that Hitler loved children.

Nope, no comparison at all.

Anyway, back on message. Go and make Democracy for America support Rick Noriega’s candidacy As Sue Schechter in her email message urging me to sign wrote:

“This endorsement will send a huge message to people all across America about how Texans are ready for a new U.S. Senator. Winning this endorsement will have a strong impact on many other national organizations taking notice of what we've begun here in Texas.”

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