Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fort Bend Republicans In a Love Fest

Last night something remarkable happened, 59 Republican precinct chairs went into the same room together at the County’s Travis Building in Richmond, Texas, and no one was maligned. Remarkable? Or was it to be expected?

It certainly was a remarkable exercise in democracy in action. 58 precinct chairs voted for who should replace Gary Gillen until the primary in March ’08. 35 of the 58, or 60%, voted for Rick Miller, who was going to run against Gary Gillen in the March election. The rest voted for Vice Chairman Linda Howell.

There was one abstention.

Now I did the numbers, and Fort Bend County has 140 precincts. And if you take account of the vacant precinct chairs, 52 in all, that means there are 88 Republican precinct chairs in Fort Bend County. But only 59, or 67% of them actually turned up to vote for their chairman.

So where was everyone else on this singular evening of being a Republican precinct chair in Fort Bend County? Why did twenty-nine people stay home?

The answer lies in how peaceful the meeting was. The 59 attendees represented the neoconservative evangelical branch of the Republican party, and they split their votes between their friends, or maybe their churches, who knows? Moderates stayed home because there was not a chance in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks that their numbers would do anything other than displace air in the courtroom last night.

So no one was maligned, no name calling, no angst was suffered because when you get a bunch of neocon evangelicals in a room all you have is a roomful of love, stale perfume, and dyed hair. Oh, and blind hate.

That’s the way it’s going to be for awhile, I think. While the whole country, and even parts of Red Texas is participating in the Blue Revolution, here in Fumin’ and Fightin’ Fort Bend, the County Republican Party has just shifted to the right, and now find themselves somewhere on the political spectrum between Genghis Khan and David Duke.


Anonymous said...

Actually hal nothing changed because Perry and the others controlling the purse strings are still running things from behind the curtain with a smile. Of course democrats are starting to get in on that action too. You see it doesn't matter which party controls the state, red or blue, they are all taking the deep pockets money and both will continue to lie to the voters/suckers. Substantive change will not occur until the process is addressed and it stinks in both of the major parties. We have good examples from both that would make any honest, ethical person sick to their stomach.

Let's not pretend anyone is innocent. We all know the game and it sucks royally from both ends!!!!!

Hal said...


Another Libertarian heard from. Believe me I've had just about enough Libertarian tripe this evening. I was bored to death over the Rep/YouTube/CNN debate. Ron Paul was given more air time than his support group desires. He is clearly the Republican candidate, who is not one, by the way, the guy is a Libertarian to the bone, but was given air time so he could expose his crackpot views.

Readers of this, please get over
Ayn Rand. Please, just like the rest of us did . . . at 15. Ron Paul's system works in Never Never Land, where Indians and pirates rule.

Where we believe in fairies.

Unknown said...

Hmmm ... so you are opposed to free markets? Is that where Ayn Rand was wrong? Is Comrade Romney right that we need to government to manage the market because otherwise we could not produce food to feed ourselves?

Or maybe it's the Federal Department of Education? Do we need it pushing Socialism into our public schools?

Or perhaps you're a Rudy man, and want to see lots more gun control, sanctuary cities, shredding of the constitution, and government control of your life.

Or could it be that you're a Tancrado fan, and think that all scientific progress comes from Socialized Space?

What is it? Where to you want to see government grow, and grow, and grow?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

I too have had my fill of the libertarian crap. Most of my contact with them are at NASA where the libertarians are working sucking off the tit of the government. They are nothing but hypocrites.

In fact they give hypocrites a bad name.

Paul is about as looney as Kucinich. but Kucinich as least has some common sense.

Anonymous said...

That's very funny hal but I'm not a libertarian. I'm sure the money, if it fell in their laps, would end up doing the same. It's about money and power, sadly, and not public service. The signs you all put out last year should have read are you tired of being hypocrites and want real teeth in your campaign finance reform?

So go blow it out your a__!

Hal said...

Oh, nice.

I took you for a Libertarian because of all the code words about the two parties both being evil and wrong, and about money. But no, you're not a Libertarian, definitely a Republican. I've never had a derogatory near-pornographic comment posted by Libertarians, just Republicans do that.

Anonymous said...

And Islamofacists.

And Boston Red Sox fans.

And Dick Cheney.

And, of course, Pope Urban II.