Friday, November 30, 2007

Xerox Has a Thank The Troops Project (Free Service!)

Hey I have something for you to do this weekend.

Xerox, the corporation that brought you harried copier technicians who have jobs for life, is doing something nice for our troops in harm's way. They are sending them thank you cards. Go here and join the rest of us to thank our troops for doing what has to be the hardest job in the long history of the military: trying to succeed in a war of choice, fighting and dying for the failed policies of the worst United States President (and his cronies) . . . ever.

Hey, it doesn't matter if you support the war or not, so if you are a Half Empty Hater (yes, they are out there and they come back often) who can't get enough of my rants, you go there, too. Heck, if you support this foul war then it is especially incumbent upon you to tell the soldier that you are selected for how much you appreciate his/her sacrifice.

And if you are as passionately against this war as I am, then YOU need to go and tell the troops how much you appreciate their service, and how you fervently hope and pray for their safe and soon return.

Just do it.

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